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Take the guesswork out of your cycle and learn to read your body with the Fertility Awareness Method in Body Literacy 101!

Cycle Health

Menstrual cycles are not just an inconvenient experience to ignore. Your period is your fifth vital sign. These signs and symptoms from our cycles can clue us in to our overall health status allowing us to shift our lifestyles to support our health.


Not all fertility awareness-based methods are created equal. Contrary to popular belief, observation-based, symptothermal methods have excellent efficacy.

This ain’t the rhythm method.


No, most people do not always ovulate on day 14 of their cycles. 

Learning to read your body can help you pinpoint the best timing for conception and support a healthy pregnancy.


“Body Literacy 101 was so thorough and I now feel confident to start tracking. I’ve always been interested in going more in depth with my cycles, but it felt overwhelming to start. This gave me a lot of background knowledge to really help me feel confident. There is so much to know and learn and I’m excited to track!”

Happy Client, 2020

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