Hi! I'm Erica.

My pronouns are she/her/hers. 


I’m a chronically ill and dynamically-disabled, board-certified health coach and fertility awareness educator in training. I’ve often had to recreate, revise, and readjust my life, goals, and expectations while living with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome, and dysautonomia. 

By necessity, many of us with chronic illness and disability have had to become experts at reading the signs and symptoms of our bodies that our doctors can’t or won’t recognize or understand. While it’s often been a frustrating process, it’s given me a new sense of empowered ownership and respect for my body and how it works. When it was time to choose a new type of birth control for myself—a non-hormonal option without side effects that worsened my condition—the fertility awareness method (FAM) was a natural fit. 

But the fertility awareness method gives me so much more than birth control! I get real information in real time from my body that tells me what’s happening on the inside. It clues me in to upstream or downstream issues with my hormones, digestion, and more. It’s like a monthly health report card, and it’s amazing! 

Fertility awareness isn’t just for people who are trying to avoid pregnancy or trying to conceive—though it has a great track record for both! Using the fertility awareness method to become even more body literate has helped me improve symptoms beyond my cycle health. FAM gives me knowledge and insight into how my cycle impacts or is impacted by my chronic conditions. Using this information I’m better able to adjust my lifestyle and habits to support my health. Now I have easier periods, smoother digestion, clearer skin, a movement routine that feels good, improved mental clarity, and a more even mood. 

It’s my dream to build a fertility awareness space for disabled and chronically ill folks. We have specific concerns, needs, learning styles, and levels of capacity that most health coaches or FAM educators aren’t aware of and aren’t equipped to address. 

I aim to co-create with you a place for us to explore our bodies as well as our sexual and reproductive health in an affirming, self-directed, and empowering way. We are the experts of what it’s like to live in our unique, individual bodies with our unique, individual conditions. Let’s take it one step further with body literacy.

Do you want to learn to read your body?

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