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I support chronically ill and disabled folks with meeting their fertility and cycle health goals—from contraception and conception, to body literacy and beyond!

While living in an ableist society puts up many barriers to wellbeing, we do not have to do it alone. For me, one of the keys to living well with chronic illness and disability was honoring my own self-expertise, creativity, and body literacy while making diet, lifestyle, and behavior changes that were possible for me because they were created by me. The best way to do this was by having someone in my corner backing me up. And I’d love to be that person for you.

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“Erica helped me focus on what living my best life might consist of. She thoughtfully acknowledged occurrences of enthusiasm, positive energy, and willingness to explore new ideas and activities. I wholeheartedly recommend Erica’s services. Whether you are seeking direction (or redirection) in your life, Erica’s positivity, sensitivity, and empathy will help guide you in your journey. I am grateful for my experience working with her.”

Karen K.

“Working with Erica allowed me to discover my strengths as an individual to reach my personal goals. It was a no judgment zone, which allowed me to verbalize my feelings and work through solutions of how to get to an achievable personal goal. Every session I was able to set a small obtainable goal, which created success in my overall vision. I would highly recommend working with Erica so you too can realize your potential to reach all your personal goals.”

Jill R.

“I was struggling with commitment before I started coaching with Erica. While working together, I felt empowered. She will get inside your head and offer useful suggestions. I’ve since lost weight and am walking every day for an hour. I set out a plan and I am sticking to it!”

Lisa R.

Take the guesswork out of your cycle, and learn to read your body!

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